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Common Knowledge Trust encourages the sharing of traditional and indigenous health and wellness information worldwide. The Trust has two major branches through which health and wellness knowledge is shared:

    flatgreen.gif: 'Celebrating Common Knowledge'

    We welcome people of all cultures to share what is their common health and wellness knowledge through our newsletter and international get-togethers. For more information on The Gathering

    flatgreen.gif: 'The Pink Kit Method for birthing better®'

    All pregnant women and men will find specific benefits applicable to preparing for birth and having tools and skills to manage each contraction of labour by knowing our common and universally shared human body. The goal of sharing this information is birthing better for all women in a way that crosses over all boundaries and borders of culture, race, beliefs and religions and regardless of where or with whom a woman births.

All proceeds of the sale of the resources of The Pink Kit Method for birthing better® go directly to further the aims of Common Knowledge Trust.

What Is Common Knowledge?

There is a Universal Common Knowledge:

All women have babies out the same hole and any man can plant the Seed of Life within us. We are ALL ONE. We all blink, cough, know happiness and sorrow.

There is a Cultural Common Knowledge:

Humanity also has a very creative Mind. With Mind, humankind has developed cultures, societies, religions, beliefs, skills, tools and stories that are diverse. This diversity brings beauty.

What Cultural Common Knowledge can we share?

    greenstar.gif: the 'back of our house'.
    There are aspects of every cultural or religious group that those not part of that group will never share. Common Knowledge Trust is not trying to get groups to share this part of their cultures or beliefs.

    greenstar.gif: The 'front of the house'.
    There are other aspects of cultural traditions that people enjoy sharing with others. This is where Common Knowledge Trust would like to develop international gatherings with people in those cultures.

    greenstar.gif: Losing our traditions
    The loss of traditional knowledge and skills is as significant as that of the loss of species or seed diversity.

Common Knowledge Trust is not seeking to blend modern health skills with culturally diverse ones. Instead, we are interested in identifying cultural knowledge as it's own unique information. If people within a culture wish to blend the two or keep them separate, then that is their own response to the global impact of modern health knowledge.


The Newsletter

The Newsletter about The Gathering provides us with the opportunity to share this information with you. Download the Gathering Newsletter now!
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